Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Daily Beauty

This one probably isn't what most would consider beauty, but bear with me a moment.

I'm sure the idea has been around forever, the phrase "Beauty in Strength" can reflect a lot of ideas. I don't know when this wall was put up, I know the particular entrance used to be open, so it hasn't been there forever. I think they actually make or harvest or whatever the material on site, not really sure. My point is, taking the tools you have available and using them to serve a purpose, its the most primitive of drives and essential to who we are. Yet it takes so much more effort than we even realize sometimes, that is our strength and by extension the beauty we create in each and every thing. This wall is beautiful in its very basic nature, IMHO.

And a bonus bit of a laugh...

Saw this and immediately got Hank Hill's voice in my head. Bonus points to anyone that can identify the flaw in the license plate, bit of an oxymoron?
Tags: daily beauty, old school, strength

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