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Cat say Durrr

Daily Beauty

This is cheating a bit, since technically its from yesterday, but I had already posted something yesterday.

Besides how could I not post it. I know having children isn't for everyone. But for me it was a big deal, and even now its my most lasting and strongest hold in life, so many other connections are temporary and tenuous. There are days where the only thing that keeps me from packing a bag and jumping in the car and just saying "Fuck this shit!" is I can't leave behind my boys.

This world is a hard place to be alone, and love it or hate it, when you're a parent you're never really alone. Even if you're a continent away they never really leave your head. Yep, today is one of those days where I'm glad I have a reason to stay. Too much hurt and pain and betrayal in the world around us. Hope I can give my children a chance to find happiness in their future. Sorry, seems beauty and hope can have a tinge of sadness too.


Love this and completely agree with the sentiment. Too many times, I've been ready to quit life and just had Hunter in the back of my mind and kept hanging on, even as hard as it was/is. You have great kids. <3
It's funny how much your life changes when you have kids. In ways that you can't really explain to people who don't have them. I feel like my life finally found all of it's meaning in my son.

You co-made some great boys. I love them and you!

October 2014

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