Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Daily Beauty

Another shot from my work neighborhood. But this one has a bit more history.

This little skeezy hole-in-the-wall-looking joint is apparently closing up at the end of the year. I personally have never been, but I know a bit of its history since I drive right by it most everyday leaving work.

See this tiny bar is where a not small chunk of the Orange County music scene passed through, including a lot of punk bands from back in the day. To give an idea of the legacy, this place has been open here in Anaheim since 1957. That's only two years less than Disneyland. Perhaps that's why they consider themselves World Famous.

So next time you hear some Social D on the jukebox at your neighborhood joint, raise a toast to The Doll Hut and imagine what the world would be like if every dive bar tried this hard. Long live the music.
Tags: daily beauty, doll hut, music, punk rock

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