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out of bed

Daily Beauty

This is definitely not the best photo I took last night. It is the one I can post. I wanted to show off the lovely dinner, very well presented, I had with my girlfriend, and of course my beautiful girlfriend as well. Forgive the quality of the pic, subdued lighting and not wanting to be rude and use the flash on a so-so phone cam means lots of post processing.

I am lucky to have her back in my life as I'm not sure how well I would have held up this last year without her reassurances and boosts to my self-esteem. You would think dropping 60lbs before I turn 40 next year would be enough to feel better about myself, but I guess I know too well that its what's inside that counts. Still working on that part, give me time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.


You're back together??! Oh I'm so happy for you! I know how much you love her and how much you hurt when that relationship ended. My heart is doing jumping for joy for you :D
:-D yeah, been dating again for a little while now. wow, like... almost 8 months maybe? time flies... I'm pretty happy about it :-)
Sorry for what ever pain I caused. I know how it feels now.

Not to worry

That's the past, and you only did what you needed to. You've always been my friend despite the history to work around. And you were I think literally the first person last year when the storm came raining down on me to straight out ask me how I was doing. That meant a lot man.

October 2014

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