Fred 2.0 (lqc) wrote,
Fred 2.0

Daily Beauty (Belated)

Well I had been trying to post everyday, even if I sometimes technically used a picture from the calendar day before. Seems I slipped on that one today entirely. Not that I couldn't have posted this afternoon, but hadn't figured out what yet. And then I got busy. Busy can be very, very good. So I'm not gonna even try to fake it and upload whatever I might post, one of two options. Instead...

|                                                                    |
|   Imagine the image of a wonderful conversation.  |
|                                                                    |
|   Now imagine it while naked.  Good.  That is all.   |
|                                                                    |

I'm off to sleep. Have a good Sunday all if I don't get around to posting again, cause I might feel like keeping some beauty for myself today.
Tags: daily beauty, faking it

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