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Oct. 12th, 2012

out of bed

Daily Beauty

This is definitely not the best photo I took last night. It is the one I can post. I wanted to show off the lovely dinner, very well presented, I had with my girlfriend, and of course my beautiful girlfriend as well. Forgive the quality of the pic, subdued lighting and not wanting to be rude and use the flash on a so-so phone cam means lots of post processing.

I am lucky to have her back in my life as I'm not sure how well I would have held up this last year without her reassurances and boosts to my self-esteem. You would think dropping 60lbs before I turn 40 next year would be enough to feel better about myself, but I guess I know too well that its what's inside that counts. Still working on that part, give me time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.

Oct. 11th, 2012

Rainbow Flag

Daily Beauty

So apparently I was right about the rain, just didn't expect it that quick. I missed all of it while sleeping it seems.

But the neighborhood flowers seemed to like it. Rain washes things clean, but a shower never hurt either.

Also today is National Coming Out Day, so open up like the flowers did this morning and let people know. I'm already pretty out, but if you didn't know... "I'm Fred and I'm a Polyamorous, Bisexual, Kinky Pervert", but mostly I'm a harmless teddy bear.

And if you hadn't noticed today is also 10-11-12 (at least in the U.S. format) which is fun and geeky and only happens once a century.

Oct. 10th, 2012


Daily Beauty

I've already begun to miss the warm sunny days of Summer. Only slightly odd because I used to always hide from the sun. Haven't been this outdoorsy since I was a kid.

But at least in trade for a bit less warmth we've gotten a good bunch of fluffy clouds to enjoy today. I could just watch them in the sky all day. Guessing rain won't be too far away this month. Not that we get much rain, especially not compared to growing up back home. Maybe that's a good thing, so that we appreciate it a bit more when we do. I know some people love to just sit and listen to it, especially at night. I will look forward to that.

A few more shots here since I didn't wanna overload my list.

Oct. 9th, 2012


Daily Beauty

Yes this is definitely not on my diet, not that I have an official diet plan or such. But I won't tell if you don't.

I will always weep for those folks that are allergic to chocolate. And never understand the ones who say they simply don't like it. Except Sam. With Sam it made since, if I grew up in Hershey, PA right in between the Reese's and Hershey factories, then I too might loose my craving before I even hit my 20s. Or I would've ended up 400lbs, hard to guess. Heck you guys were lucky this stayed in the wrapper long enough to take the picture.


Oct. 8th, 2012


Daily Beauty

Busy day today, so bit late with this, but I had to wait until this evening to take this.

My middle son received an award from his perfect score in Mathematics on the annual state test. Obviously he wasn't the only one, but its still a feat of significance. I am as much of a beaming proud papa as I can be when my boys find their feet and make an impression in their world. And as well I've been told I make beautiful children. Three is probably enough though, don't need to swamp the gene pool with my swimmers.

And speaking of kids...

Just over three weeks 'til Halloween folks. Have you stocked up on decent candy and picked out costumes? Well get to it! (Applies to me as well, my diet will likely suffer a bit in November)

Oct. 7th, 2012


Daily Beauty

Well another minor cheat, since this is technically from last night, but too good to pass up.

I love living in Cali, only thing I could think better would be living closer to the coast. The little time I've spent in the beach cities like L.B. was definitely nice (so long as you have AC).
This was taken on the way out to Burbank yesterday night, so not exactly beach front but a good bit nearer, so I think giving a dash more color in the sky for the shot.

Oct. 6th, 2012


Daily Beauty

I'm gonna post this now, even though I haven't even left the house yet today. I just don't know if I'll see anything better than what I put together for breakfast. And even if I do I probably won't want to stop and post. So here is a beautiful lazy Saturday breakfast.


Oct. 5th, 2012


Daily Beauty

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Turns out this is a misquote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. But the sentiment is real, seems there was a more poetic version that actually tips its hat to the juice of the vine. What Benjamin Franklin actually did say:

  Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.

Either sentiment is fine by me, in fact today I am posting something between the two. Namely tasty ciders.

I enjoyed this treat last night at dinner out with the girlfriend.

And these I picked up the other day and will maybe drink over the weekend if I'm home.

I've tried my hand in the past at preparing a batch or two of libations, including beer, wine, mead and cordials off the top of my head. While it is a fun pastime I know even my best results will not compare with many finely crafted products the merchants of BevMo are so kind enough to offer me. And while my tastes do change with time and I have had to cut back significantly to watch my 'figure' there is not much chance I will ever stop enjoying when someone puts an intriguing new bottle in my hand and says "Try this!"

Remember, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Salud!

Oct. 4th, 2012


Daily Beauty

Another shot from my work neighborhood. But this one has a bit more history.

This little skeezy hole-in-the-wall-looking joint is apparently closing up at the end of the year. I personally have never been, but I know a bit of its history since I drive right by it most everyday leaving work.

See this tiny bar is where a not small chunk of the Orange County music scene passed through, including a lot of punk bands from back in the day. To give an idea of the legacy, this place has been open here in Anaheim since 1957. That's only two years less than Disneyland. Perhaps that's why they consider themselves World Famous.

So next time you hear some Social D on the jukebox at your neighborhood joint, raise a toast to The Doll Hut and imagine what the world would be like if every dive bar tried this hard. Long live the music.

Oct. 3rd, 2012

Cat say Durrr

Daily Beauty

This is cheating a bit, since technically its from yesterday, but I had already posted something yesterday.

Besides how could I not post it. I know having children isn't for everyone. But for me it was a big deal, and even now its my most lasting and strongest hold in life, so many other connections are temporary and tenuous. There are days where the only thing that keeps me from packing a bag and jumping in the car and just saying "Fuck this shit!" is I can't leave behind my boys.

This world is a hard place to be alone, and love it or hate it, when you're a parent you're never really alone. Even if you're a continent away they never really leave your head. Yep, today is one of those days where I'm glad I have a reason to stay. Too much hurt and pain and betrayal in the world around us. Hope I can give my children a chance to find happiness in their future. Sorry, seems beauty and hope can have a tinge of sadness too.

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